All training programs comes with a Mini Educator E Collar from E Collar Technologies and a 15 foot training line. E Collar training is not mandatory but highly recommended and very few people do not choose to do so once they see how effective and easy it is on the dogs.

Board and Train Program


   3 to 4 weeks
Followed by a minimum of 10 hours of follow up owner education


 I will only be accepting serious, committed owners that demand the best for their four legged family member. During your dog’s stay he or she will live as part of our family, not in a loud stressful boarding facility. He or she will be living at our home interacting with my family and my dogs on a daily basis. Your dog will be treated as if it were my own, and as most know that’s very good. 
During the follow up sessions, you the owner will be taught how to not only maintain but also continue to improve your dog’s behavior, obedience, and your relationship. You will understand the use of clickers, verbal markers, rewards, and the tools that were used in your dog’s training program. You will learn how to utilize play and how to have that strong relationship that everyone would love to have. You will also have full access to me online or by phone for the life of the dog as well as free group classes for the life of the dog.


*All programs come with a Mini Educator Remote Collar ($200)

Payment is due at drop-off

Phone Sessions with Larry

With the Phone Sessions, you will speak 1-on-1 with Larry. Anything dog related can be discussed.

Phone Sessions

30 min. = $65



Private Session Program

One-on-one customized sessions geared toward both the owner and the dog to help them succeed. Each lesson is approximately two hours.

5 Sessions