For the young dog trainers out there. Your most important talent is the ability to teach dog owners. The dogs are easy. They all learn. The dog is going to work for me and look good fast, usually very fast. That means nothing if I can’t provide enough education to the owner to continue the process and advance real everlasting results. The client should be paying for an education. My goal is always that if a client gets a new dog later on in life they have the ability and knowledge to do all the training on their own. Young trainers, become great teachers and your clients dogs will be all the advertising you need. Have real expectations. Most dog owners will not spend a lot of time training there dog. Most don’t have that discipline. Ask for little. 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day does wonders and most can handle that. Be honest, be passionate, and give everything you have, and remember compassion for the animal always comes first.