Pak Masters Dog Training of Nashville TN Timeline

/Pak Masters Dog Training of Nashville TN Timeline

May 2017

My new book is now available on Amazon

My new book has been called the best book ever written on remote collar    

March 2017

Why I Give Free Group Classes

Last year I gave a free group class to anyone that wanted to attend. I thought three or four people would show up. I was drastically wrong. A lot of people showed up. A lot [...]

February 2017

We Are Always Training

Whether you like it or not, if you have a dog you are training it. The question is are you training it for good or are you training it for bad. Training starts before training [...]

Dog Trainers Training Humans

For the young dog trainers out there. Your most important talent is the ability to teach dog owners. The dogs are easy. They all learn. The dog is going to work for me and look [...]

The Power of Thresholds

The power of working thresholds with a dog in training is a tremendously powerful tool but yet so often overlooked. Many trainers discount this exercise as not important. I could not disagree more. It is [...]

January 2017

An Example of Perfect Dog Training

Halo our 10 week old German Shepherd puppy has been home for three days now. He has taken to Luca or Belgian Malinois quite nicely. Luca is very patient with the puppy and the puppy [...]

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